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After seeing a reference to it in another post I looked at and installed the trial of "Modern Mix" on my PC.

This program is pretty much invisible, that is you probably will forget you have it installed but what it does is change the way things open from the Metro screen.

For instance I can open the Mail app and instead of getting the Metro full screen display it opens in a regular windows just like it would in any earlier version of Windows.

I like it, it gets rid of the alien look and makes Windows look like Windows.

I'm going to run it on trial for a couple of weeks and if I don't have any issues I'm going to spring for the 5 bucks and buy it and use it.

At least until Windows Blue comes along.

Does anyone think that will be a public beta of Windows Blue.

I'd really like to do that.

Yep...I have it and like it. It will also allow you to have more than one metro app open at a time.
Go for it MIke.

I paid (is that the word for such a paltry amount?) for it and have not had any glitches with it. It enables, as Bass says, the ability to multitask with several windows open at the same time, whilst still showing the taskbar. I now use the Metro as my menu and, with the help of this gem, have everything running as I wish. Quite low on resource use, also - see picture.


Best program I have ever bought, does what it says and makes things a little fancier and much easier to use. From what I understand Stardock is coming out with more of this type of program, which should make Windows 8 even more fun to use. Anyone try decor8 or Deskscapes 8 yet. Nice additions to an already nice operating system. You guys got me hooked. And I appreciate it so much. And yes I am mostly using the tiles.
By the way thank you to whomever pointed out the charm bar search for the Windows store. It works and works well. I could not believe there was no way to search. Learning to use share charm for bookmarking too now. I still Windows is getting a bad rap.
I believe it was "Trouble", I just agreed with him! I have changed my method since then. Now I have gone back to google. I just type, say, "paint app" or apps, and it finds the original downloads or links to the store. Must add the App bit.
Well then, I have two ways to try it. Thanks. Actually the apps are getting better by the day now. I am liking using the tile side. And Decor8 gives me some needed color options on the tile side.