Windows 10 Mouse moving to bottom right of screen

The cursor keeps returning to the bottom right corner of the screen and it's so frequent that you can't use it at all. I've got about .2 seconds to point and click which basically means whatever fixes I need to do, I have to use just my keyboard.

I thought it was a Razer issue at first so I updated my synapse and drivers and restarted, it worked for about 30 seconds then returned to malfunctioning. I tried my older Razer mouse and it did the same thing. None of my other Razer devices are affected and a wireless mouse I had laying around does the same thing so I believe it's strictly a mouse issue and not an issue with the Razer drivers.

I read that apparently lowering the speed of the mouse, disabling it and then restarting/enabling it again will fix it, but obviously I'm unable to disable the mouse because I can't get to the part of the screen to be able to right click and disable it. I'm not sure what else to do so any help would be appreciated.


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when did the issue start happening? after win-10 update? and what kind of computer you got? touch-screen?

this probably won't resolve your issue, shannonigans … but, if you are game (pun intended) … let's try it. simply change the resolution of your display-screen. right-click your desktop wallpaper … choose "display settings" … change it from 1920x1080 to next size smaller (1680x1050) … reboot.

after reboot, if the issue has been resolved through our little stunt … you can always try configuring the screen back to the resolution you had previously. however, before you attempt the above procedure … i'd suggest creating a system-restore point … so you can always return to previous configuration if necessary.

No, I hadn't done a recent update since it started but the change in resolution makes sense, I switch back and forth between my monitor and a Huion GT191 which is a graphics tablet with its own monitor. The issue resolved itself without me doing anything and was working fine until I just now put my tablet away and went to my monitor.


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Well the first thing I would try is another mouse not a razer since they probably use the same drivers.

It was the pen driver on the Huion interfering with it. I had the HDMI unplugged but the USB still connected to my computer.


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" I FIXED IT. It was the pen driver on the Huion interfering with it. I had the HDMI unplugged but the USB still connected to my computer. "
thanks for sharing your experience, shannon … and also for sharing how you resolved the situation … this, in turn, may offer insight to other netizens experiencing similar issues. hats off to you.

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