Move HDD to new computer.


Long story short, helping my friend installing windows on her computer.

The problem is that installing from the CD works fine untill a certain point of the installation and then it it fails, done it several times and breaks at same place each time... Thats why I have to try and fix it some other way, and thats is why I tried the following...

So, removed the HDD from her computer, removed all HDD from my own computer, pluged in her HDD, Installed Windows 7 on her HDD on my computer with same CD.

As soon as installation was done, shut down and removed HDD, no internet plugged in and no uppdates done or anything in that way.

Everything worked fine no problems at all.

Removed the HDD from my computer, plugged it in to her computer, fixed boot order, compuer finds HDD in Bios, when it wants to boot from it.

All that happens is "Verifying DMI Pool Data...Update Success" then the compuer just stands there for several minuts and nothing happens.

Im guessing that we have differnt motherboards, CPU, and all that, is there any way I can make it work ?

I have started with Windows 7 CD, and tried to do "repair" but there is nothing to repair so that dint help either.

CD problems = No
HDD broken = No

So Im looking for some help that can make the HDD work on her computer.
Is there some way of software or file edeting I can do to make this work ?


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Could you give the specifics of her computer?

Not sure how you will be able to tell if the problem installing your way will tell you if that process is causing the problem, or the original problem is still there from the original attempt to install directly on her system.

Were any logs left on her hard drive that might start with $. If there were, you might be able to get a log which might point you to the problem. Otherwise, take out every device you can until you get the system installed. If the DVD will not work, you might try using a flash drive to install.

Were you able to run the Windows Upgrade Advisor prior to wiping the drive?


Well I did try and install the Windows 7 again on her system, after formate the HDD, did the installation, and the exact same thing happened again. It gets stuck on "Verifying DMI Pool Data...Update Success".

Was a few months ago since I did do it the 1st time and it failed so I dint rember what went wrong the 1st time it dint work.

If any loggs and so are lokated, then you prob have to give me instructions on where to find then and how to get them.

And reguarding "Windows Upgrade Advisor" - I have no clue never tried.


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You need to use the free EaseUS Todo Backup Free 4.0.

You need to create a backup image of her computer (C drive) on a different drive. Use the create data\disk backup and choose "partition" (not files). Then connect both the C drive AND the drive with the backup image onto your computer, run the recovery on EaseUS but choose (IMPORTANT!) "recover to dissimilar hardware".

I have done this many times with no problems.
Download it from here:
Best free backup software. Hard drive backup and recovery, image and clone freeware - EaseUS Todo Backup Free

The entire time she has had Windows XP on the original HDD, and I have tried to install Windows7 och an Extra HDD, and yes I swapped in Bios so it would boot from the right one.

Atm, I did try and install Windows 7 in x86 mode, to see if that would work... we are talking about the "extra HDD"... but there was some error after installation in dos thatthat there was no "Bootmgr" ... And it just stood in dos...

So I more and less gave up then, and tought "screw this" went into Bios, swapped back to the other Drive to boot from, went to the toilet, came back hoping the old OS XP would have started up and everything was back to the old way.

Sadly to find out that Windows7 did some more "things" and now both HDD have the exact same problem with "Verifying DMI Pool Data...Update Success".... I just wanted to shoot myself. Specially since its not my computer. And Im traverling 400km tomrrow and wont be abel to try and solv her computer problems for a while, and I even made it worse.... sigh...

And the neighbor who has the Windows XP CD, is not home atm so I cant try and do the repair XP thing atm.

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