my computer appears to be epically screwed.

for the last while my computer has been acting up.

for the last few months my computer had been giving me problems. i had mandriva linux setup on a partitions with windows 7 as my main. i got locked out of windows because of a partition problem that i couldnt solve. my dad paid the guy at the repair shop 150$ to fix it and reinstall windows. but it appears that he didnt really fix anything he said he did. he did get me most of the files i told him to get however (even though i said ALL windows libraries and he didnt get my pictures) then reinstalled windows and put the files back on. after that windows just seemed really slow and unstable. programs would crash easily and i kept getting increasingly frequent blue screens.

this morning my computer wouldnt even login without giving me a blue screen, not even if i tried to run safe mode. and startup repair did nothing (it appears it doesnt see any operating systems). i dont think its a virus because it had been happening before repairs even thought thats not what i had sent it in to repair for. luckily before the bsods became this bad i put all important files on an external hardrive, so a few hours ago i tried to basially delete everything off the hardrive and reinstall with linux. well linux couldnt see any windows partitions (same as the startup repair) and it wouldnt install. so i tried to reinstall from my windows disk. so i deleted all the windows partitions and created new ones to install on, i dont know if deleting partitions is the first step windows takes in the installing process but during the installation it stop and gave me an error:

"windows cannot install required files. make sure all files are available and restart the installation

error code:0x80070037

i have been searching this error code but havent found anything helpful. when i tried to log in to windows again after the unsuccessful reinstall. it told me there was no boot manager. i dont know what to do next. am i screwed? was there a hardware issue that was causing the bsods? will i be able to reinstall windows (or linux instead)?

Hey, welcome.

It's unfortunate that you have decided to try to reinstall Windows. We could have helped with the bsod quite easily.

What I recommend is to low level format the hard drive with Killdisk software. Proceed then, to install Windows to it from an authorized download/DVD and not from any torrents or the like which could be malware-ridden. You'll have to copy what you want to keep to other media, first.

If you have have bsods, please post the crash dumps and we will be on to fixing them. They would be in C:\Windows\Minidump

Copy the files in there to any other folder then zip them. Attach the zip to a post.

It should be mentioned though that if you are getting bsod in safe mode, very high chances that your RAM is defective. Test with Memtest86+ overnight to see if any errors show.

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how do i run memtest86+?

Burn it to a cd as .iso (not DATA) and then boot your machine to the cd. You can set your motherboard bios to boot for it or possily hit f8 or f12 instead while turning on the machine until a choice appears to do so.

ok so i ran killdisk and wiped my hardrive. then i reinstalled windows. after my second startup of windows i started getting blue screens again. both in safe mode and in normal mode. when i ran memtest 86 it went through 8 passes(overnight) and had no errors. i decided to install linux over windows for the time being so that i can browse and at least use my computer a little. if its not a ram problem then what could it be?

um... i kind of didnt get the file before i installed ubuntu... i couldnt get it because it kept bsoding before it would even take me to the login.

i guess ill jsut have to reinstall windows again and then try to get it from a linux livecd...

View attachment ok here's thefirst dump after i reinstalled windows. luckily i didnt get a bsod in safe mode so i got it from there.

um something i forgot to post about that has existed for a while now. at the beginning of startup it always says something like:

starting pxe-rom

media cable unplugged

exiting pxe-rom

it doesnt say this exactly but this is what i remember. it also mentions something about intel at the begining. which might be a reference to my processor. it says this wether windows is installed or linux or, even if nothing is installed.

i copied the thing before startup:



US5,307,459, US5,434,872, US5,732,094, US6,570,884, US6,115,776, AND US6,327,625



please help me fix this problem. i havent been able to use my computer at all. i need my computer for school.


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use whatever key that you need to inorder to load your BIOS setup screen during post. It could be the delete key, F2, F10, I don't know but it usually is displayed at some point during the post as in Press F2 to enter setup, or something like that. Once in setup up look for something called boot, or boot options, usually across the top in a tab view format but may be else where sub categorize under advance, you will just have to look. But you need to remove network boot or PXE boot from the options, so first boot option #1 CD/DVD #2 HDD #3 USB #4 Removeable Media, anything else Disabled.

View attachment 8367 ok here's thefirst dump after i reinstalled windows. luckily i didnt get a bsod in safe mode so i got it from there.
This must be updated:

TVALZ_O TVALZ_O.SYS Thu Nov 08 22:08:41 2007

Visit Toshiba's site for you model and download/install the latest ValueAdded package.


Update the modem drivers from there:

agrsm64 agrsm64.sys Mon Nov 10 10:01:35 2008


Update the Intel Media Accelerator driver from there:

igdkmd64 igdkmd64.sys Wed May 06 14:22:19 2009


Update this driver for the network, from the following link:

Rt64win7 Rt64win7.sys Thu Feb 26 04:04:13 2009<br>RTL8130/RTL8139B(L)

Follow this all well and things will be fine.

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