My Computer not display hard disk drive labels

It's only display the label of driver C, but driver F and G isn't. I've tried to rename it but not sucessful.

Driver label only appear in Disk management


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If you right click a drive in Computer and select properties, does it show anything for a name? Try adding one if it doesn't or changing the one currently there.

i am having the exact same problem except that for me even the label of c: is not shown. This problem occurs only in windows explorer. I guess this happened cause i recently had to remove autorun.inf virus from flash drive so i installed some programs on machine (flash disinfecter, autorun eater etc) and these might have tweaked the registry to disable autorun or something.

I am searching for a fix.

Help appreciated


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I think Saltgrass has the correct answer.

Just had the same thing happen to me... rebooted, and it's displaying the changed volume label. Odd, but at least it's back to normal... for me at least.


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WOW, all these people with the same problem

Ayn least they're fixed.

Windows id self-healing sometimes.:)

I had the exactly same problem, but figured out the solution by comparing the correctly-labeled and incorrectly-labeled drive permissions to each other. Incorrectly labeled drives were missing read access from the SYSTEM user.

So the fix was to..
1. Go to the "Security"-tab on the drive properties (right click drive -> "Properties")
2. Click "Edit..." -> "Add..." -> "Advanced..." -> "Find now"
4. Select "SYSTEM" from the search results
5. Click "OK" -> "OK"
6. Make sure the "Allow"-checkbox is checked at least for the "Read" permission of the newly added SYSTEM user
5. 2x "OK" again
7. Reboot

Hopefully this solves it for others as well. If the SYSTEM user is already listed on the drive's Security -tab, then obviously something else is wrong. I can now also easily re-produce the problem by removing the SYSTEM user permissions from a drive (and rebooting), so at least this wasn't just luck. :)

Well nothing seems to be working and i dont know why the problem is happening either. When i go to properties of the drive the label field is empty. I tried entering labels for all drives and restart the machine but still it wont show up.

I tried murphi's method too.. the system is already present in the security tab. I tried removing that and adding again too still dint work.

And one last thing the drive labels are perfectly fine in Safe Mode ..its just the normal windows mode that its note showing up.

I ve attached a screenshot of the problem. Notice the drive info in my gadgets on the desktop, they show the labels .

* BUMP *

Sorry for the bump but still this problem doesnt seem to get resolved and i am clueless on why this is happening.

Any suggestions ? or reinstall is the ultimate answer?


I tried reformatting the entire partition. it worked but its a waste of time moving the entire files on it.

is there any other simpler way??

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