Windows 10 My Esc Key has stopped working

I need some help. My esc key has completely stopped working and I've tried fixing it with everything. I've read as much as possible online and nothing worked. I dont have photoshop and Shift + Esc doesnt work. Somebody please help because I cant do anything now


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You can use the screen keyboard as a work around... its in settings
Screenshot (73).png

Screenshot (74).png


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You could try uninstalling the keyboard in Device Manager and then Rebooting.
That will make Windows redetect, reinstall it and reload the drivers for it.

If that doesn't work, do you have access to another keyboard that you can plug in to make sure that the keyboard itself isn't the problem?

Check and see if your NumLock key is working and whether it's on or off.
There were some issues with that during the test phase but not for a while, but it made some of my keys quit working.


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