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My new Monster beats headphone, when is burn in complete? Can I burn in too much?


New Member
Jul 3, 2013
The idea behind initial burn in is to reach the point at which audible changes stop occurring and you are left with drivers than have settled into the sound that they will have forever after, the sound that it was designed to have. After that point, regular use of the driver won’t cause significant change in the sound, until perhaps years and years later when thousands upon thousands of hours have passed and the life of the driver is at its end. However, some say that burn in is never complete. The argument is that regular, long-term use constantly wears on the drivers and that wear always has an affect on the sound. Still, it is safe to say that, after a driver has reached its designed parameters through burn in, regular use won’t cause significant audible changes.I get this shop(monsterbeat-fr.com) from a video on Youtube
Sorry but I don't understand a word you are saying.