My Windows 7 doesnt install new hardware drivers..

Hello people, well i just got some issues with my new computer.. i just bought a new razer mouse imperator and razer headset kraken 7.1, for the first time i plug them in and turn the PC..the drivers doesnt install, it tell me that the drivers has not been install successfully and shows red crosses. Both light up but neither work, the cursor is not moving and the headset is not recognized by the PC. I try going to the device manager and i see them both in unkown category. I try installed drivers from windows update they tell me access is denied for some reason. This is all does the same thing with any mouse,keyboard,headset,USB...etc not just my new razer peripherals.. so i was wondering what is the problem and how to fix it..i am sure it something with the windows coz my hardware in my PC is all New and Clean. My operating system is Windows 7 professional 64bit. Please Help me thank you!


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As a general rule I do not install hardware device drivers from Windows update. I go to the manufacturer's website to downlaod and install drivers manually. I recommend avoiding automatic driver updates by setting update options to notify you of updates but let you choose which to install. You may then avoid installing driver updates. Regarding your present devies - did they not come supplied with driver software?


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"Access denied" worries a bit. Must ask: you do have a legitimate Windows, activated and all? You say it's a new computer, then it should have warranty. Perhaps you should take it to the retailer, since if you have all the problems you mention, something is probably fundamentally wrong.

Best wishes.

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