Windows 7 redirects me to its mobile website in IE

Josh the Nerd

New Member
Sep 17, 2007
I'm using the Windows 7 Beta, and the version of IE that comes with it. keeps redirecting me to, which I assume is the mobile version of their site. This does not happen in Firefox. Is there some setting that would make websites think I'm using a mobile phone?
This is more than likely because there website is designed to redirect a user based on the browser they are using. It may not see correcty the new IE8 and it redirects you to the mobile website on accident. It is the websites fault. You cant do anything to change it i am sorry. I do web Design for a living and that is how it is.
Chances are that it's designed to run on an older browser. But Internet Explorer has a new feature called "Compatibility View" which is a small button up right beside the refresh/stop buttons... When you go to the website, look to see if it's there, it so, click it, the page will refresh and be displayed in compatibility mode. If the button isnt there then Sorry I couldn't help
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