NBfruBvM.exe stopped working

It all happened when I started my pc up after waking up in the morning.
It started up normally when suddenly it said a process had stopped working and I was like lolk and closed it.
Then a blue screen of death popped up and I just did what it said and restarted my pc and the same process closed and another bsod popped up.
I have no idea what NBfruBvM.exe is...
Also it doesn't crash in safemode or when I log on to a different account.
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Can't find anything about that particular executeable either but I would suggest using safemode to find it and prevent it from attempting to start and see if that does anything to help your issue.
Check your start-up folder under all programs.
Use msconfig startup tab
and failing either or both of those look to these registry locations but of course back it up, create a restore point manually, and export the key prior to editing for safe keeping.
You can also use AutoRuns from SysInternals, which may also help locate the problem. Just google it.
And I would also suggest using safemode with networking to download and install, then update and run Spybot Search and Destroy, MalwareBytes Anti-Malware, and SuperAntiSpyware. All three have free versions available for you.
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Could not find said executable ANYWHERE.
Which is strange because it's the cause of my pc shutting down.
Looked everywhere couldn't find, running those programs you mentioned.
Otherwise I'll just delete the account and make a new one.
(Because the problem doesn't occur on other user accounts)
EDIT: Restored to factory settings lol just remembered I only have system files on my c disk
rest is on e
Thanks for your time though.

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so has this been solved ??

Yes. It has been solved.

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Thanks for reporting back Mate ...

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