Need advice - Problem installing Windows 7 RTM

Need some advice on Windows 7 RTM install.
I've installed many RC with no problems but when I attempt to install Windows 7 RTM it keeps telling it cannot format the disk.

I'm running a Windows XP Pro computer with XP on disk1 and Windows 7 RC on disk2. I first disconnect disk1 and then boot from Windows 7 RTM setup disk (as I've always done for previous copies of RC).

When the setup program gets to Custom setup, I attempt to format disk2 and that's where it fails.

Suggestions greatly appreciated.

Note: I obtained my copy of RTM 7100 directly from Microsoft web site.


Windows will install on even a raw disk. But one has to create a partition and then format it to allow a Windows installation to proceed. You need to delete all existing partitions, create a new one and then format it before installing Windows.

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