Need help installing SP1 Win7 64 bit

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by 1badninja, Jan 29, 2016.

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    I've been trying to get SP1 installed on my computer for quite a while now.. Months actually. I've tried the system readiness tool, downloading and installing manually, I tried uninstalling all updates (198).. Ended up messing this up by forgetting to set windows update to not install anything so ended up getting 94 updates reinstalled after restart... I the error I'm getting is 80070490. I found a website a while back explaining how to fix this by using sfcscan and checking the log file. But I couldn't find any thing in the log file that was similar to what the article said to look for. I've tried tondms of stuff without success. And no I don't have a system restore early enough to help anything.. And I don't have a system repair disc.

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    although you've already tried some of the things on this page try the auto troubleshooter highlighted near the bottom:
    Windows Update error 80070490 - Windows Help

    Another thing you could try is booting into the advanced boot options (same place you find safe mode) you can do this by pressing F8 just after the system beep on start up. You might have to try a few times but eventually you'll get the advanced boot options. The setting your looking for is 'Last good known configuration' . This will return the machine back to point where it ran fine which you could then run the update readiness tool and then SP1.
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    Error 0x80070490
    1168 (0x490)

    Element not found.

    Running sfc /scannow may fix the issue or you can clear out the Windows Update cache and try and download the update again

    Clearing out Windows Updates
    1. Press Windows key + r
    2. Type service.msc press enter
    3. Stop Windows Update and Background Intelligent Transfer Service
    4. Open explorer and navigate to C:\Windows
    5. Rename the SoftwareDistribution folder I usually just append .old
    6. Restart Windows Update service
    7. Run Windows update and it should re-download

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