Need help regarding Batmeter.dll

Hello all
I am using a HP paviliion dv6 laptop with Win7 Home premium + SP1 on it.
I, sometimes get low batter 601 alert while starting the system, even before windows starts.. Had not seen this error for last 2-3 months, just a while ago, my system, suddenly went to hibernate, while i was working on it, upon resuming the system i got the low battery warning..
Searching on google i found this link:

But i am not able to find Batmeter.dll file any where.. So, can some one please do guide me.. ???

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If you run Windows Updates as per the article, it will detect if you need this update based on your system. So either it would have patched the problem for you or either your battery really is bad or you were not charging the computer when it shutdown.

You can look at the Low and Critical Battery Actions in your power scheme and Critical is defaulted to hibernate.

Actually, i was working on system, it was not plugged in and at least the battery icon task bar showed there is quite bit of battery charge still left and suddenly the system hibernated.. Then I plugged in the charger and resumed the system and before showing me option to resume, i saw the low battery warning.. Today, I did not see it again, when I restarted the system.. So, might be a one off incident..


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Battery lose their charge capacity over time. You can check your battery health with the following.
  • Open an elevated command prompt
  • Type powercfg /batteryreport /output "%userprofile%\Desktop\batteryreport.html"
  • It should take a few minutes to run and create a report on your desktop.

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