Need help with my PC, ping spikes


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Hi there, I don't know anything about PCs, I've tried doing some fixes threads have shared, some YouTube videos - etc, I just don't really know what the problem is to fix.

My PC was working fine, could run games on high/ultra graphics with no problem, but recently I've been getting heavy ping spikes that make some of the games I'm playing at the time completely unplayable. I have better internet speeds than the friends I play with, and they seem to have no problem. I'm connected to my router via an ethernet cable. Just really hoping someone here might can help me out.

Here's some info about my PC.

Intel Core i7 5820K @ 3.30GHz
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 (PNY)
16.0GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1065MHz

Speedtest results: Down: 232 Mbps Up: 12 Mbps


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1 - Check your disk for errors
2 - Defrag your hd
3 - Free up space
4 - Login to your router and update to the latest firmwire
5 - Reply back with status


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I would start with traceroute and not ping it should tell at which hop the problem is . This type of issue is likely with your isp and not your computer


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Havy ping spikes, it sounds a bit like being part of a DOS attack?
I wonder, your modem/router blocks outside to inside pings, so you are pinging to some outside host?


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ping breaking don't Stop any solution?
Everything Will be Check Like cable, switch port.


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