Need help with Windows 8 Activation

Alright, so one day i was being dumb, and decided it would be a good idea to follow one of those YouTube videos that lets you upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8 pro for free. I entered their given code, Windows told me it was acceptable so i went through with it.

Later, it's constantly telling me that my windows isn't activated and i need to buy Windows 8 Pro.

I'm just wondering what i should do?

Would using Dell's system restore bring it back to it's original Product Key and make it activated again, without the Pro features?


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That old saying "if it's to good to be true, then it probably is" is the golden rule for any thing. So yes, your best option would be to reset the computer back to factory defaults....either using the built in process of windows 8 or what ever Dell software is installed that will do that.

yeah i know :(

i wasn't thinking fully

do you think the reset will restore my old activation key, and will not require me to enter my old key? (Windows 8 was pre-installed on my PC, and the key that was on the bottom of my laptop peeled off)

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