.NET 3.5 SP1 Problems

Hi All,

I have a program that needs to run .net 3.5 SP1, and believe that it is already inbuilt into WIN7. Is there any way of finding out where this is installed? As it doesnt appear in the programs list. My program also tells me that its not installed.

I tried installing .net 4 and it worked fine, installed in the programs. Only problem is that my program doesnt use .net 4. So i uninstalled .net 4 and tried to install 3.5, but it just goes through the first step and then dissapears. Any help would be great.



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Hi RSSBRAD and Welcome to The Forum.

I've just had a look and cannot see it either!!

There was a security update on 30-12-2011 & 06-12-2011. Now if you have those in your updates, logic says it's in there somewhere!

Joe S

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I just looked and have it and I don't remember installing it. It's in Windows/ Microsoft.net/ Framework and Framework64. It doesn't show in programs and Features like 4.0 does.


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Thanks for that Joe.
I know it installs with 7 but I was kind of thinking that it would appear in the updates listings, aka IE9.

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