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Windows 7 Netgear WLAN-Driver problem


New Member
Jan 28, 2009
i have an external usb-wlan-stick (netgear WG111v3) and i connected it to my pc after installing windows7 (64bit edition) on a completely new and clean pc while it was isolated from the net. win7 tried to find a driver, but as i had no net it failed. i then carried my pc all through the house to connect directly via LAN :p . then (after win7 did nothing after a new connect of the stick) i downloaded the driver manually. having the driver on disk, ive installed the application and then tried to execute it. the taskmanager shows me that the process is running, but i cant switch to the app to configurate the wlan connection. i looked inside the network manager,but i found nothing (im still kind of used to xp so the new networkmanager is completely new for me and i am still not really used to it :p

ok, i got it fixed! :) was quite simple: windows didnt say anything the second time i connected the stick, because with 7th generation it has finally learned some manners;) . I was still used to get a big popup or something because of every little issue, i havent even noticed that windows still remembered the stick (quietly), because it didnt shout it in my face :redface: . anyhow, installing all recommended updates fixed the wlan problem. i really like this new, quiet and polite windows :D
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