New PC win 8 installation error restart loop

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Installation' started by seanmondayy, Aug 26, 2014.

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    Aug 26, 2014
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    so, i built my computer yesterday. when i tried to install windows 8 this morning, i got stuck on a loop. it says that there was an unexpected error and it needs to restart, because when it boots up...after about 15 seconds, my computer restarts (in like 3 seconds) thus causing this? im not sure what is happening or why, but i have nowhere to turn.

    asus sabertooth mark 1 z97
    EVGA nvida 780 acx
    cooler master 750w psu
    intel i7 4770k
    samsung 840 250 Gb SSD
    seagate 3TB HDD
    corsair vengence 2x 8Gb sticks
    regular asus dvd drive

    I am at my wits end, i have nobody to ask
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    you may have format the drive so it's running GPT. Boot into UEFI mode and run the installation disk again removing any created partitions and then windows should automatically create the GPT partitions ect..

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