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I'm doing it now,so i don't have anything to do but come here and say so.


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Same here Mike, just patiently waiting for it to do its' thing.
We'll see what changes might come.


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It's all installed, so far looks good, it seems to have retained all my software etc.
I'm just looking to see what I can see that's different.

It took 47 minutes from the time I started downloading, and a number of reboots before it got done.


Hi folks. See post below


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Well, I'm still waiting for the install, haven't seen a reboot yet. The download time wasn't too awful bad.
There is suppose to be several thousand various bits and bobs included that is suppose to make things better.
First with regards to things we've been talking about, you are now suppose to be able to move applications from one virtual monitor to another, which seems almost cool. Although there is no preservation of those settings following a reboot, which would be way cool.
And there is suppose to be some animation a'la apple when opening and closing apps, maybe from the taskbar, not sure.

nvm. Solved. Thanks.

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