No accsess on my portable HDD (when connecting to pc) after I connected HDD to smart TV


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I need some help!!
After I connected my portable HDD to a smart TV I lost access to the HDD when I tried to connected it to my laptop again. "F: is not accessible, access is denied" (funny ringtones)

When I connected back to the smart tv I can read all the folders and files on the HDD.
It looks like the smart tv has taken over the access and the the HDD now only can be used on the smart tv.

It must be a way that the HDD can be reset (without loosing any data), and than be used on my computer again.

I have tried 3 different computers to access the HDD, but the same happens on all of them "no access).

Please help me :)

How about a make and model number for your external HD and also for your TV?


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I system (computer or TV) can't own access or prevent another device from accessing the data. The hard drive can have ACLS that are recognized by a given OS and will be enforced. It's more likely that when the drive is removed from the TV if it's modified the data in any way the drive could become corrupt, or the drive could be in a format not recognized by your computer.


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I agree with neemo here. Also, since the HDD is a usb connection to your SmartTV did you remember to TURN OFF THE TV BEFORE DISCONNECTING THE HDD FROM THE TV?? If you didn't do it this way, it's quite likely you damaged the Index Tables on the HDD.:eek: People forget this or are simply not aware that USB does not have true hot-swap capabilities like other computer devices such as Monitors and Printers.

I would buy another HDD of at least the same capacity and attempt data recovery with Windows programs such as the free RECUVA program you can get from here: Piriform - Download CCleaner - Millions of users worldwide!. You can also attempt to use GetDataBack; several of our volunteers here use it with some success. It will tell you if it can repair the damage to your Indexes and show you the file structure it can recover, but it will cost you about $60 US to buy the program in order for it to recover the files to another external HDD. This can be cheaper than taking the drive to your local chain computer store which may cost you up to $120 US or so to recover your stuff back. If they can't do it, you are looking at getting the drive sent out to very very expensive professional data recovery.:cash: If you want contact information for the companies who do this, post back.

Based on the short description you gave us, this is my theory on what you did; and unfortunately there is no "EASY BUTTON" you can press to get it back in 5 min. Sorry.:(


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