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Sep 11, 2009
I recently installed Windows 7. During installation, there will automatically be a user with administrative privileges. After completing, i created another "Standard User" as I wanted to limit other users for accessing all things. Then i opened the Built in Administrator account (net user administrator /active:yes). I deleted the account that i had created during installation of windows. Then I disabled the original administrator account (net user administrator /active:no)

Now i only have Standard user account. whenever I try to open anything 'as an administrator', there will be a prompt in dimmed screen, asking for administrator password and click to yes; but there is not any place to enter the password.

How can I fix it? Please Help

Thanks in advance!
One should never mess with the pre-installed admin account (the hidden admin account) in any fashion. This is there in case there is some trouble and you need to access the system to set things straight. With that account being turned off or deleted you've severely altered your system and I'm not sure if there is a way to get it back with out having to reformat and reinstall. Someone else on here may know of a way to repair/fix/restore the hidden admin account.

If this were my system, I would reformat and reinstall and set up your registered user (yourself) as the admin like it does and then add another account as standard and leave the native and hidden admin account alone.
Second bassfisher. When installed, Windows presumes an Administrator account - not a bad idea, really. You can make that account with a password, needing the password every time, or without - like I have, I don't need to log in in any way.

You might try a restoration point, preferably the first one in your system. But the safest is, like Fisher says, to do it all over again.
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