Windows 7 No details pane in Save-As dialog and unable to change system time


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Running Win 7 Home Premium 32Bit SP1

This is two problems in fact, but I assume them to be related.

1. In the Save-As dialog (i.e. saving a website in Firefox or a document in Adobe Reader or other programs), there is no details pane displayed. See screenshot below.
The drop-down menu that appears from clicking the down-arrow to the right of the path is empty as well.

Clicking Organize/Layout , I cannot choose the details pane, there is no entry to enable it.

Fascinatingly the dialog works fine for 'Open'

2. I can't change my system time. Clicking the time display, then 'change time and date settings' gives an error:
Can't access the path. You don't have permission..."

However I can change time through system settings.

I have already tried
-running sfc /scannow -> no results

There is no system restore point to draw from. I am admin.

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