No internet at all , Windows 7

Yea i messed up used the wrong file...
but yea i used your file used the device manager, and installed the 64 bit drivers for the file you gave me, and it installed properly.
But still same results.. no net..

hmm not sure what else t try man.
i know im doing it right, it installed and all that, rebooted still Unidentified network no net access.

IF try to ipconfig /release my NIC card in CMD with admin priv, i get a message saying

No operation can be performed on wireless network connection while it has its media disconnected??
then it goes on to say no address have been associated with the network end point.

does this tell u anything? sounds like the wireless card or network card maybe might not be connected properly? i dunno


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Yes, it tells me that there is no wireless resource availalbe in your environment to acknowledge DHCP solictiations from the Wireless Card. Temporarily disable it in device manager to stop any further confusion. Just don't forget to re-enable it afterwards.

Well since i dont need or want to use wireless cant i just keep that wireless network connection disabled..

I also noticed if i run CMD with admin priv. and i run ipconfig /all

It lists a Wireless lan adapter
Ethernet adapter..

Then it Lists TWO Tunnel Adapter listening for a ISATAP and its got a long weird name with numbers like ( 2a34545) blah blah ect.

Now remember i said i had two Unknown Devices in device manager,,
Could these TWO ISATAP listning in ipconfig be the two unknown Devices??

And by the way , for ALL Four listings in ipconfig /all it says Media State is Media Disconnected.

So i think these two ISATAP adapters are what are messing me up, how can i remove them or install them any ideas?

And at the moment, i can click the icon down by the clock, it will bring up a list of WIRELESS networks i can connect to, but i need a security or pass phrase to connect to them.

So wireless is working.... i just dont have any security codes to connect to them.
but this tells me wireless is working everything is installed properly, and working, but the NIC card still wont connect to my cable or dsl modem. know what i mean, this is kinda confusing, sounds like a minor problem but theres something tricky going on here. and i think it has to do something with those two Unknown DEvices in device manager perhaps those two ISATAP adapters i just talked about...?

Those ISATAP adapters are for IPv6 and shouldn't be affecting you.
As to the wireless the networks you are seeing, they are your neighbors etc. and you wouldn't know the passphrases since you didn't set them up.
Even if the wireless networks weren't encrypted it would be wrong to connect to them without the network owners permission.
Turn of the wireless using the switch in front and also find the wireless in "Network and Sharing Center" and right click it and choose disable
to avoid further confusion.

You can disable IPv6 to see if that helps.

How to disable certain Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) components in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008

The above site include simple utilities to do just that under the "Fix it for me" heading.

Read the article to determine what to do.

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