Windows 7 No printer ports are showing up

Thanks for trying to help me out. I did fix the problem and contrary to HP's support, it was a windows issue. Here is what I did. I exported the usb monitor and Local Port registry keys from my Netbook and imported them onto my desktop machine. Rebooted the computer and what do you know. I can print now. I still do not know what the MRI_Disabled key is. But hopefully it will not cause my any problems.

Here it is June 2022 (13 years later) and this problem still exists in Windows 10 21H2.

I had the exact same problem and, thanks to your suggestion, I exported the "Monitors" key from a working laptop, and imported them on my desktop that had the printing issue, and now all my printing ports re-appeared and I can print again. Even my "Microsoft Print to PDF" printer re-appeared and worked again.

Just wanted to add this in case anyone else experiences this issue.