Windows 8 no sound on dany u-2000 usb tv in windows 8


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there is no audio in dany u-2000 usb tv. microphone(realteck) is selected default audio device and it cannot be change manually. need hlp
have you installed the driver? If not, you download a copy here:
Support @ Dany Technologies

Try installing the driver for win 8, if no win 8 driver then try the win 7 driver. If it still doesn't work then right click the win 7 driver, click properties and then choose compatibility mode for windows 7.

Have you tried setting your default sound device using the way outlined in the screenshot below?

there is no official win 8 driver for dany u-2000. but win 8 automatically update itself latest driver. and realteck is already my default playback device
Try un-installing the driver win 8 installed but before doing so make sure you change your windows update settings to 'check for new updates but ask me whether to download and install them'. Then, download the Windows 7 driver and try the compatibility mode mentioned above.