Windows 7 No WiFi connection


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Mar 5, 2016
Hey there :)

Im working with an asus laptop k75VJ with to partitions Linux Mint and Windows 7.. I'm a newbie to this partitioning thing, but worked some years with linux and wanted to try something different.

Linux and Windows are working almost perfectly. (After some hours passing)
But on Windows there's no Internet connection. And first I thought it would be our router, but Win doesn't finds any WiFi here! So I tried to find a network driver hoping there's the problem, but you're just getting Software which should update all your drivers ... through the internet, which I don't have! :D

.. so maybe you know some way to solve this problem or know another reason it could have.
Post a screen shot of your device manager. If you are missing the driver, you will need to download it on another computer and transfer it over to install.
That was the problem.. I couldn't find any site to download suitible drivers :/
do you know any? And do I need another working Win7 computer? because I'm using Linux right now :)

Yeah.. the 'screenshot' is not really professional made :D but I hope it's useful in some way..

Thank you for your help! :)


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