Not enough Space on hard disk causing BSOD when I have over 200GB free in my partition? Different BS

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)' started by Jeff Ding, Jun 11, 2011.

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    ***PLEASE read everything that i say carefully to avoid misunderstandings....thanks

    ok so i have an ASUS M4A79T deluxe and i ran 3 sticks of patriot viper ram (3x2GB). this ram is rated at 1600 and 1.65v

    i recently added a 4gb stick of Corsair XMS ram to my setup and now i hav 10gb of ram.
    this ram is rated at 1333 mhz and 1.5v

    i am currently running all 4 sticks at 1333 mhz at 1.5v
    the 3 viper sticks can run 1600 at 1.5v fine as well as i tested it

    ~~~currently i have operating system instabilities such random "Windows Desktop Gadgets has stopped working" or "windows desktop manager has stopped working messages"
    i also get BSOD's that say i have to check for hard drive space even though i have over 200GB free in my partition

    minidump files are here:

    the BSOD messages i have been getting seem to be different every time

    i did in fact run the Prime95 memory test as well as MemTestx86 as well as the Windows Memory test (mcshed.exe or something!?) for hours on end with no problems whatsoever. the windows memory test didn't detect anything.

    one more thing is that the nvidia control panel freezes up every time i try to open it so i tried to update that driver with no success of fixing that issue but i dont know if the bsod's are caused by the video drivers.


    since taking out/returning the RAM is not possible i would like a straightforward solution to my problem please.

    thanks in advance

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