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Hello all,

Did some searching, no luck, so I hope someone here can help please.

I got a computer from someone with Windows 7 on it, and they had already created their account. I was tired of their initials being on everything and changed the name of the account. That was a surface fix and did not remove all the folders named after the other user. To fix this problem I did some searching and found what I thought was the solution. I made a new account, copied all my files into the new account I wanted to keep, and deleted the old account. All of this was done from a third account (CompAdmin) with administrator permission.

Now, the Recycle Bin icon shows the white page with bent corner and windows box inside as the icon instead of the normal one. I cannot access the control panel page. I get the error 'failed to load'. Searching these problems on the internet, I cannot find a solution which I am allowed to use. I ran /sccannow through the CompAdmin account and there was an error found but it said it "was unable to be fixed" in the CMD (whatever the text is that is returned after running scannow).

I don't really know what I did to create these errors and I don't know how to get them fixed. If you need more details please let me know, I tried to be brief in explaining my problem.



I also see the account has popped back up in the LocalDisk\Users folder. I deleted it and the files that were left in it, or so I thought. My new account is there as well as the CompAdmin account (which had not been there before) but the original owner's folder in Users is still there and says to be over 25Gigs which it was when I deleted it.

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You may want to try a system restore back to before you renamed the account and start over. If that doesn't work, maybe restore the files from the recycle bin, put the name of the account back to the original, then delete it with all its files.

You did set your new account up as Administrator/User and not Standard?

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I will try the system restore if I cannot find another solution.

Does it make a difference that the other user was the only user on the computer? Not sure if that would have created any problems or not.

I'll look for the files in the recycle bin again but have not had any luck yet finding it in there. (recycle bin is not set to auto delete). This might be because the user file has ,ahi ally restored itself? All I did was restart the computer in an attempt to restore the icons with a fresh load of the operating system.

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