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Hi, I have question, can you create and format documents using windows 7 explain your answer please. I'm not too shabby at figuring out what to do on the computer when I need to do something, but I'm not too familiar with computer lingo and I have to answer this question for a class .
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Windows 7 is an operating system, one of the main components of a group of programs called system software. One of its primary purposes is to drive the hardware and to provide an interface between the computer and the user. Creation and formatting of documents is one of the functions of document handling programs which are part of a group of programs called applications programs. Two common applications which enable the user to create and format documents are Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat. Whilst the functions of system software and applications software can overlap in some areas their functions are mostly completely separate so Windows will have little or nothing to do with document creation or formatting.


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Pat's answer is very complete, however, if you are a student just learning about computers (is this for a Computer class?), this could still leave some gaps. The short answer is yes, you can create and format documents using Windows7. However, the computer lingo would indicate otherwise. Applications such as MS Word and Adobe Acrobat (creates .pdf copy protected documents), can be added to Windows7, or any versions of Windows really. Applications are programs that you buy or download free from the Internet. Word is an example of a program you buy. Acrobat is another. Adobe Reader, the program you use to read documents created by Adobe Acrobat is a free program from Adobe to allow people to read .pdf documents created by people who paid money to buy the Acrobat program to create copy-protected documents.

Many of my Students do not know that there are free, included programs that let you both create and format documents that come with every version of Windows (from Windows95 through Windows8.1). These programs are classified as "WORD PROCESSORS", or application programs that let you the User type information into the computer from your keyboard and have it stored in permanent memory on your computer's hard drive or a removable memory device such as a Flash Drive or a disc like a cd or dvd (discs are like music cd's or movies you buy). The 2 most known and easy to use programs that do basic word processing in Windows (included programs) are Notepad and Wordpad. Notepad is just for generating very basic documents on the computer; numbers and letters really and has minimal formatting capabilities. Wordpad, is like the Free version of MS Word, and has limited character formatting capabilities such as changing to a small number of fonts, character sizing, and attribute changing such as bolding, italicizing, and underlining. Wordpad is like the stripped down version of MS Word without the 1,000 options, and Notepad is like the stripped down version of Wordpad.

Other Application programs are things like Spreadsheets, such as Excel that are used by financial folks that use the computer to perform calculations on rows and columns of numbers in a grid and generate totals and such. Yet other programs like Photoshop or PaintshopPro let you edit and manipulate photos you take from your digital camera or camera phone and save those changes to your computer where you can then share or save them with others. Other programs let you record or listen to music, watch your favorite DVD movies or make home movies from your camcorder. You get the idea. So, Application Programs run on top of Windows, sort of like when making a sandwhich, the ingredients such as meat, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. sit on top of the bread, or between 2 pieces of bread. The programs are like the ingredients in the sandwhich. Hopefully, this is making some sense for you.


awesome explanation, thanks both of you

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