Not sure what this is but I don't like it, how do I make it go away?

Every now and then I start getting this bar that shows the link for whatever my cursor is hovering over, it's annoying. It doesn't always do it but when it does it doesn't go away for ages. I don't know what causes it but it annoys me, probably seems stupid to you but it annoys me seeing it pop up everytime I hover over something. How do I make it so it doesn't show up ever.



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It is called the "browser status bar"... used by search engines and a tie over from the old microsoft net 2 days... it is not allowed to be turned off under US law and chrome is a us product.
If you don't live in the us then hacking your browser script code will disable it but I'm not getting into that here... just put up with it is my profess advice mate.


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I've had the bar not going away issue before, and I've seen it for the following reasons:

1) Extensions or Addons installed in the browser can be causing issues (try disabling them all and re enabling one by one)

2) Your Chrome profile might be corrupt, try uninstalling Chrome, and also deleting the "C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data" folder and reinstalling Chrome (note the Chrome website automatically sends the 32-bit Chrome when you download, but if you look closely on the download site you can find the 64-bit Chrome)

3) As funny as it sounds, Chrome uses GPU acceleration, sometimes updating your GPU drivers will also remedy this issue (if that's the cause of course)

4) If none of those help, perhaps it's time for a good Malware Bytes (and possibly other) scan, you may be infected with a virus and/or malware that's mucking up Chrome's processing.

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