NVIDIA 9400GT Doesn't Show Up As Display Option

Hi, I just built a new computer. I installed Windows 7 32bit this afternoon, it booted just fine. Plugged in my video card, a GeForce GT 9400 1Gig, Window 7 asked if I wanted to install the drivers for it and I said yes. The device shows up in Device Manager and says it has the latest drivers, but I can't access it through Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display\Screen Resolution. I checked every driver in Device Manager, and none of them need to be updated.

Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz

I can't remember my motherboard right now, but Device Manager says it's ACPI x86 based.


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Then download the latest driver from Nvidia's site, then get Universal Extractor

On install only check the top box. It will create a Extract on the right-click context menu.

Rather than double-clicking the file, this will extract the contents of the .exe file, No go to Device Manager and under Display adapters, choose update driver software, now go back to Device Manager, click on the Nvidia card and choose update driver software

I'm honestly not entirely sure what you want me to do. I downloaded Drive Sweeper and Extractor, and the latest driver. Then I use Drive Sweeper and check the NVIDIA options. Then I right click the NVIDIA driver and extract the files. Where do I extract them to, the desktop? After that though I'm lost. I went to Device Manager and told it to update the drivers and pointed to where I'd extracted, but it says the drivers are up to date. And now the video card has a yellow triangle


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To the desktop is fine, it will create a folder of it's own

It's still not working. I tried a few times, so I think it's something I'm doing wrong. Here's what I did step by step.

Downloaded/Installed Driver Sweeper
Ran Driver Sweeper
-Checked NVIDIA options
-Clicked Analyze
-Unchecked Registry settings
-Clicked Clean
Downloaded NVIDIA Driver
Downloaded/Installed Universal Extractor. There were three different screens with a list of check boxes here, I don't know which one I was supposed to "Check the top option" on.
Right Clicked the NVIDIA driver, Extracted to SubDir
Went to Device Manager and told it to update the video cards drivers
Pointed to the folder where I extracted the files

At this point it still tells me that the drivers are up to date.


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Sorry should have told you yo only check one box.

Did you locate the .inf file and how many were there?

I have no idea. Which box do you want me to check? And where am I locating .inf files?


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Just the top box on the Universal Extractor infatuation.

So when I install the extractor I need to only check that one box. There are three different screens where I check boxes so I'm not quite sure which one it is


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Tes, the top box, that's it.


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Do not check the labguages or docmentatuin althoigh it really doesn't matter

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