Our Signatures In Posts Not Visible To Guests. Why Not?

Andrea Borman

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I have noticed that our signatures are visible on our profiles when viewing as a guest or not logged in.Though I cannot not in our posts unless we log in. So in order to see our posts signatures we have to be logged into the forum. So I just want to ask why is it that our signatures in our posts are not visible to guests?


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This is a spam deterrent and a recommended best practice, these days, to avoid repetitious content being loaded on the page when the same author contributes on more than one post.

Andrea Borman

Honorable Member
Well I don't see why guests can't view our signatures. My signature for example does not have any links. Though maybe some other people abuse the feature to promote or link to their websites. Maybe that's why it's disabled for guests so they cannot view signatures.

me too


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Appreciating the security view, I'm quite keen on keeping my wardrobe clean, how about making your signature an image? Would that disclose connections? Or would it make connections = spamming and blaah blaah even easier?

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