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After the PC has been running for a while, the page file becomes 'loaded.' I'd like to know if there is any way to refresh the page file without restarting Windows. By refresh, I mean removing any info that was placed in there during the current session. I do not mean defragmenting it. Thank you..................


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As far as I know, there is no way to manipulate the page file or its' contents while the operating system is running.
The easiest way I know to accomplish what you want to do is to employ this registry edit and reboot your computer
How to Clear the Windows Paging File at Shutdown


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Ask you may know, Windows begins to assign resources to the pagefile when physical memory (RAM) becomes sparse. However, you may find that Windows is manipulating, writing to, or altering the pagefile even when physical memory is still abundant on the system. This can sometimes be the result of the enhanced memory resource mamagement that is inherent to Windows 7 and largely enhanced from Windows Vista. You should set Windows to automatically manage and assign the pagefile in Control Panel -> System. If you have a secondary hard drive, you can use this feature to activate pagwfile functionality there. This allows the primary hard disk to utilize less disk I/O while the secondary drive picks up the slack. Overall, you should monitor system resource requirements with built-in system utilities if you are having difficulties. It is especially useful to measure memory utilization using the Windows Resource Monitor. If indicators do not show that you are not low on physical memory, you should not be concerned about changes and alterations automatically being applied.


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Re: Paging


I tried the cleaning the Page File at shutdown thing.

It was OK until the first time I needed to reboot my computer.

It really makes shutdown take forever!

I switched back to the normal setup.


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