PC won't read Iphone, Itunes does?

My Iphone does show up in device manager, as Apple Mobile Device USB Driver. however it doesnt show up in Computer. This is really an issue because my memory is full and i need to transfer my photos to my PC. What do i do?

This is a window specific forum, what your asking is directly related to your apple product and should consult apple directly for support or an apple forum.


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You could install Dropbox on both devices, that's how I move video back and forth from my PC to my iPad.


Anything I put in my Dropbox folder on my PC appears in the dropbox folder on my iPad and visa versa.
Once it shows there you can copy it to where ever you wan't.

I'm not sure why you can't see your phone in File Explorer, I can see my iPad but it won't let me move the video back to the iPad once I've edited it, hence Dropbox.

The thing that bugs me so much about my iPad and my wife's iPhone is that they go out of their way to make difficult.
They are so paranoid about people using PCs they'll do almost anything to make it hard.


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