Windows 7 Permissions/Take Ownership recurring issues


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Mar 13, 2009
I can't count the number of times I have had to re-take ownership of folders on my system. It just won't stick. These are folders that meant to be written to- like AppData/Local/Temp and My Documents, My Music, Desktop etc. It's causing havoc.

I really like Windows 7 and I enjoy problem solving and beta testing, but this is a serious bug. I'm using the MS official beta 7000. I started with a clean install but recently did an upgrade-style reinstall to try to solve this. The problem recurred

My user account is a member of Administrator group. I have added take ownership to the R click context menu because I have to reclaim ownership of some folder several times daily. Take ownership works but something somewhere is countermanding it. Any suggestions?
Try moving Music / other folders you use to a different directory (preferably on a different drive / partition).

It's better anyway keeping USER DATA separate from the OS in case you have to re-install the OS.

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