Pleasantly Surprised of Windows 8 and all other OSes too

Hi all,

I have been using Windows 8 release preview for about 3 weeks, installed on its own drive, and I have Unbuntu and XP installed on another drive, and a 1 TB drive with windows 7 installed. I must say that in order to get some of my legacy apps to run I just boot into one of the other operating systems. I have been very happy with how zippy Windows 8 has become and I seem to be able to do as much or more as I was doing on my Windows 7 install. I really enjoy having all four Operating Systems on my machine and would have OS X but I would have to install in a virtual environment and not sure how well that works and do I really need anything that OS has to offer. I have been building systems since '94 and I am so grateful for all the work that all companies have put into each of the OSes. I seem to think that if you can't do one thing on an OS just dual, triple or quad boot the machine and you get the best of all worlds. I guess I would like to give a big Thank You for all developers on all systems for giving us such great operating systems and a multitude of products to choose from....

Nice little tribute optitude and
to Windows 8 Forums.

If interested you may want to have a look at this; [TUTORIAL] How-To Install Snow Leopard on an AMD PC

This was posted by me a while ago on our other forum Windows 7
This is outdated, but I'm sure the procedure would be the same.


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