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Windows 7 Poblems with log-in in win7

The Doctor

New Member
May 27, 2013
Hi guys! Stupid me set windows password on my main PC (I am on laptop) in my language(Greek if it is of any help) now whenever I ogin I can not switch keyboards and consequently, I can not login. The little language switch box on the uppermost part of the screen is nowhere to be found and I really need your help to get there asap since there are some projects I need to get finished for work until the end of next week.
The only way I know how to get around the lost login password is to access your win7 OS through a WinPE CD [or DVD].
That will get you into your OS.
Then, you can disable the password.

You may have to look around, but there should be a free download of Windows PE available online. Then, all you need to do is burn it to a CD or DVD.
Of course, you'll need to know how to go about disabling the password too.