Windows 10 Power on Gives Two Windows 10 Options


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Oct 2, 2011
I had to do a re-install of Windows 10 on my older laptop (HP X360). I used the Windows Media Creation Tool to install a basic system. Everything seems to be working and I have installed most of the programs, address book and Favorites that I need. BUT, one thing that I don't understand is when I power on, I get a screen with two OS options to boot. One boots after 6 seconds and boots into the new install. If I select the other, it fails to boot, I think it is trying to boot a USB stick. I have the BIOS set to boot to the default boot manager first and USB second and DVD third. There must be a BIOS option that would stop the two options, but I don't know what it is. I would appreciate any advice.

Regards, Jim
Run bcdedit /enum from elevated cmd or PowerShell prompt and post the output. You probably have an extra boot entry. Once I can see the entries I can tell you which to remove
Thanks for your reply! I have attached the results of bcdedit /enum.

Best regards, Jim


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The second boot loader entry can be removed. Noticeable that device = unknown.

From an elevated prompt you can run the following to remove the entry and remove it from the display order
bcdedit /delete {04e0df77-5977-11e8-a41b-ca887a3862f4} /cleanup
That fixed it!! Thank you very much Neemobeer! (I thought I made a reply earlier, but it didn't show up?

Best regards, Jim

I just realized that I wasn't logged on. So, after logging on both replies showed up.
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