Windows 8 powercfg reports


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I've run the Powercfg -energy and got the following reports -

A) 14 errors
B) 13 warnings
C) 21 Informational

Then I read the following at the end of this exciting report -

"See C:\Windows\System32\energy-report.html for more details.

But I can go into the Windows\System32 Directory but do not find any such *energy-report* file –

Maybe one can help me out with this – Thanks!
I think you should have another try. There is no default reason why you should not see the file.
Don't fret too much over what you have seen. I use the command for a quick look at "customers" power set up, when trying to diagnose faults in that area. It is useful for a quick rundown but, for the casual examiner, it can be scary. It lists warnings and information on any alterations you have made from the Windows 8 power defaults, also.
I've looked it over & over before I posted this - I've run the same powercfg -energy - tells me to look in energy-report.html. I'm looking for a directory called energy report - not there of course. It must be a file listed somewhere but no way can I find it. It says it's in the System 32 - but I've scanned up and down to find anything and it's not visible if it is there. :)
Here's what I've done - I typed in the Search and found it. Double clicking on it brings me up to a webpage that cannot be opened.
Ok. Are you using IE?
There seems to be what may be a bug which I think is related to the choice of IE (Metro) or IE (desktop). For convenmience, I would first suggest you copy the file over to the Desktop.
But, whatever, right click the file and, under the "general" tab. where it says "Open with", select "Change" and change it to any other browser you have installed, or, if you only have one browser, re-establish it - (Keep using IE).
see if that works
I am using IE10 both Metro & IE Desktop. Also, no way I can copy the file from the Command Prompt. I'm not really sure I'm following you - I'm looking at the Command Prompt and of course one cannot copy from there with a right click etc.

Maybe you can clarify - thanks!
Why are you using the command prompt? Just drag and drop in File Explorer. It isnt a neccessary op anyway, you can action it direct in sys32
Got it - although the material in there is enough to keep one reading for the weekend. Not sure what I'd be looking for anyway.
How to copy text in a Command Prompt:

In the Command Prompt, right click on the upper left corner of the Window and select "Edit"
Then select "Mark"

Mark the text that you want to copy (it's not very forgiving, but just click and hold on the upper left corner and drag the highlight to the lower right corner).

Then right click again on the upper left corner and select "Edit", then "Copy"
You will normally have several USB type error or warning entries, so I would not worry too much about those. But look for devices or programs or other things that would seem to be out of the ordinary.

You could probably attach the .html file or zip it and attach, if there was not something you consider to be of a personal nature. Use the paperclip on the advanced replies.