Windows 7 Problem Applying Themepack Due To Name Of File

Hi - I'm trying to save a theme for sharing (create a themepack). However, once save the file and then try to double click on it, nothing happens (I'm trying to name it "C - Blue Christmas.themepack). The thing is if I name the file differently it works (if I leave out the spaces before and after the hyphen). I can't figure out why this would happen. I've successfully saved other theme packs with spaces before and after the hyphen (ie C - A Midnight Clear.themepack). I don't know why this one is being tempremental. I've had problems with other theme packs if I tried to put an apostrophe in the name but now I wonder if the apostrophe was the problem or if there was something else going on. Any ideas? Thanks!


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Hello, Welcome to the forums :)

It would be under my best assumption that spaces and special characters are not aloud in the name.. Perhaps an underscore would work.

The reason for this being, in the file system, if spaces were aloud, then every space would be shown as %20 rather than a space, which would be very annoying. An underscore is used commonly to simulate a space.

Hi - Thank you for your reply. The thing is I have saved other themes successfully and included spaces in the name - they work fine that way. The thing is this particular one is giving me problems and I can't figure out why.

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