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Windows 8 PROBLEM with File Explorer when Double Clicking to Open Images Files


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Feb 15, 2013
To begin with, am not sure which forum to post in so I'll start Here.
Please Redirect me if this is the wrong forum.

An error occurred while I was learning different sharing, syncing etc. techniques and features in Windows 8.

Now when I double click on an Image file in FILE EXPLORER, a window pops up to "IMPORT TO WINDOWS CONTACTS. HUH????

HOW do I UNDO this action and return to normal functions for opening images files in File Explorer by double clicking the mouse?


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I don't have Windows 8 running, but can you right click the image file and use the "Open With" option to associate the file type with the utility you want?

If you can't find it, I will start Windows 8 a little later and check. What is the file extension on the image file, .jpg?
Files are jpg. I contacted the computer's manufacturer and they suggested performing a system restore to an earlier date before I made any changes. I did run 2 system restores trying two different restore dates prior to the problem but that did NOT Solve this problem of windows.. or settings.. or whatever.

It shouldn't be so difficult to find and revert to the original settings.... you would think.

Now.... even when I open the screen print I included in my my first post... the system grabs Windows Mail App. to open it.....!
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I resolved it. Apparently it takes some time for the system to catch up with making changes for defaults for what a file opens with.