Windows 7 Problem with Libraries


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In Vista, it was possible to change the location of My Documents, My Music etc. by adjusting the properties of those special folders, and pointing them to an alternate location. I could change the location of My Music by selecting the Location tab under Properties, and define a new folder.

In Win7, opening the Properties dialog displays only one tab. with a window where it is possible to add or remove FOLDERS from the new LIBRARIES. It does not, however, provide a tab to change the location of the basic folder, even whenthat location has been removed from the library.

Here's what I mean. I don't happen to like using "c:\users\gb\my whatever" for my documents, music, pictures etc. As far as I'm concerned a) it forces me to store everything on the same drive that Windows and Program Files are installed on, and b) it complicates my backup process, because I have to find the various individual data folders in c:\users that I need to back up. I prefer to put all data that needs backing up onto a different drive, and back up all of that.

So, I have modified the My Music library to refer ONLY to my d:\My Music folder. I have removed the c:\user\gb\My Music folder from the Music library.

Now - and here is the problem - when I install iTunes, instead of creating the iTunes Music Folder location in my designated d:\My Music (which is where it used to be placed in Vista/XP, and which is the only folder defined in the Music library), the folder continues to be placed in c:\users\My Music. I can only assume this is because it thinks that is still the default My Music folder. Obviously, these iTunes folders (or some of them - notably the .itl folder with my playlists in them) need to be backed up. But they are not where I want them to be!

I don't think that Win7 should maintain a default folder for these special libraries. It should continue to provide an option to define the location of the default My Music (or Music, or whatever) folder.

Can I ask that it be brought back???!!!


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Grey bat, I wanna do the self same thing as you. As you say for one thing it makes backup easier.

Try this:
Go to Users>your name>My Documents. Right click properties>location tab.
tell me how you get on...


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Anykey..... I got on very well, thank you. Can't think why I didn't find that myself. I certainly thought I had tried everywhere, but that should have been one of the most obvious!!!

Thanks very much!