Windows 7 Problems with DVD drive (not similar)


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Feb 11, 2009
I have a philips spd 2413 DVD/CD drive burner
This device shows in windows explorer and shows no problem in the device manager
Unfortunatly the drive does not respond to auto play disks
I also cannot explore the drive in windows explorer
When trying to access the drive it tells me to insert a disk and then a safely remove hardware prompt come up as it ejects the CD.
Any ideas?
Try going to Control Panel > Default Programs an see if there is an association for the .cda extension.

Or if there is a Change AutoPlay settings link.

I can't check this for sure as my Windows 7 machine is down at the time

You should be able to play CD's by using Windows Media Player.
I have same issue, cant browse cd/dvd by explorer, but can by total commander,
elso cant execute any .exe files from dvd drive, need copy to hdd first. Look like somesing wrong with permitions...
any one have solution?
Try going to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound and click on AutoPlay.

What program is listed under Audio CD?
I tryed any variants of autoplay, it not help. Defenetly it is permitions problem. I have 3 user accounts on this machine. And only in one account I can browse dvd drive and run programms from dvd. I tryed compare this accounts. All of them is members Administrators group.
More ideas?
In the AutoPlay settings there is a small checkbox at the top stating Use AutoPlay for all media a nd devices. Is that checked?

I doubt it's permissions as I have just created a standard user account and put in a Autorun DVD. This DVD was from magazine that has it's own interface to browse the DVD. So, it gave me 2 choices:

1. Run start_here.exe
2 Open folder to view files
I then opened the AutoPlay Control Panel applet, and there were no program at all listed in any section
Auto Play features are correctly set up
I don't think you understand my situation fully
I cannot explore ANY DVD/CD disc through windows explorer.... When I click on the drive to explore the DVD drive it ejects the disc and tells me I am able to safely remove hardware. Upon checking on my safely remove hardware icon in control panel; it shows no settings involved with the drive and, the drive is not listed.
As for permissions I only have one administrative account so I do not think that is involved.
KISS...i had an unresponsive dvd from sony...turns out in my haste I had connected the power to a molex supply that was already being used. Once I moved the dvd power supply it worked fine.....just a thought
same problem

i have a LG GSA H20N ATA DVD RW. im using windows 7 RC. and it worked fine for some time after installing the x64 OS, but suddenly from now the CD/DVD is not being read. Whenever i put a CD/DVD into the drive, the light blinks for sometime and goes blank. When i double click the drive in Comptuter, it says insert disk into the drive and opens the tray. The drive is being detected in the BIOS.

Anyone with solutions?

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