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just wanted to let u know that the fix that compumech wrote on page one works and everything is fine now. I am not exactly sure why it happened because it was fine after i upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7.


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Compumech nails it. Thank you.


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Found this on another site:

Open C:\Users\ [...] \App Data\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu and right clicked on the programs folder, then properties. then i checked the 'hidden' check box to make the folder (and all subfolders) hidden. then click 'ok'.

Note: C:\ is the local disk where Windows 7 is installed and [...] is your user name for the current user that is logged in.

So for me I went to:


I then right clicked on Programs and marked it hidden and all below it hidden.

After doing that everything shows up when I go to start menu -> all programs like it should.

From DJ sKott: My blank All Programs Start Menu just happened out of the blue, on a CLEAN, FRESH install of Windows 7--it had nothing to do with an upgrade!

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Oh Happy Days! :)

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Yes, it is true that this is a bug in build 7100, but you DO NOT have to delete all your shortcuts to bring them down to 70. Well, yes and no. What do I mean? Open your "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" Do you notice how many programs you have installed on your PC? Software junkie aren't you? Well, like me, I have tons of programs installed and I want to be able to click on the shortcuts to find them. Here is the solution: Create CATEGORIES such as VIDEO EDITING, PHOTOGRAPHY, PC MAINTENANCE, BROWSERS, etc. Now, take the related software shortcuts and folders within "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" and cut and paste into the correct category. For example, I have Picassa in PHOTOGRAPHY, I have FireFox in "Browsers"... Do you get the idea? Now, when you click on Start, All Programs, you will see your Categories listed. For exampple, PHOTOGRAPHY... and under PHOTOGRAPHY you will see Picassa. As you can see there are many of us who are constantly thinking outside the box. Enjoy Windows 7 and the "Missing Programs" mysterious problem. :) Have a nice day. Visit us at Link Removed - Invalid URL for all your computer needs.


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Hid the STARTMENU Folder in properties!!! (Win7 Ultimate OS)

I did as stated earlier in a post and that was to simply goto c:/appdata/"My named account"/startmenu and click on HIDDEN for that folder, then apply and OK and clicked START button then clicked ALL Programs and loe and behold ALL hundreds<<< of my installed programs re-appeared there, not sure maybe something to do with a bit of security by hidding them, probably more than likely a little mal-ware (Malicious-Ware) issue that blanked them out so anyway yeah that worked for Me!!!

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VISTA Bulk that causes STARTMENU items to slug slow downs when clicked, Hello Win7!!!

What gets me is why in windows VISTA when You click items in the STARTMENU does it take forever to respond... argh! lol thank god for win7!!! Anyway the bulk of VISTA makes a slug out of even a fine PC to be dead honest, Win7 is sooooo much more polished i have no gripes about win7 whatsoever, and if there is a problem, it's quick easy resolve to get er' done and fixed, cya!


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Is it worth saying the upgrading path causes more problems than i care to mention - even Microsoft tell you not to upgrade from a previous beta/rc/rtm and the main consensus here and on other boards is a fresh install...

Maybe try that the next time you (will) have to install.



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he resolution? Rebuilding the Windows 7 Icon Cache. Follow these directions:

  1. Close all folder windows that are currently open.
  2. Launch Task Manager using the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC key sequence, or by running taskmgr.exe
  3. In the Process tab, right-click on the Explorer.exe process and select End Process
  4. Click the End process button when asked for confirmation.
  5. From the File menu of Task Manager, select New Task (Run…)
  6. Type CMD.EXE, and click OK
  7. In the Command Prompt window, type the commands one by one and press ENTER after each command:
  8. CD /d %userprofile%\AppData\Local
    DEL IconCache.db /a
  9. In Task Manager, click File, select New Task (Run…)
  10. Type EXPLORER.EXE, and click OK.
Your icons should be as good as new!


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So, how do you get Recent Items to Show up in Start Menu for Windows 7?

I don't understand the solution - is there one? I have a new Windows 7 machine. When I right click on Start, the only options are Properties and Open Windows Explorer. In Properties>Customize, the Recent Items checkbox is already checked. But it still doesn't appear on the right side of the start menu (where Documents and Control Panel appear). I only have 34 programs in the Programs folder under "Open All Users" when I right click on All Programs, and I haven't upgraded - my laptop came with Windows 7.
I did go through the steps outlined above by galafluz and it didn't change anything.

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It works!
Thank you Compumech...:)

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