proxy error unable to connect

My computer is a windows 8 touchsmart hp.

It keeps saying proxy error unable to connect to the proxy but I've spoken tothe staff at virgin and they are saying its not a proxy error.

Ive tried the and google loads just fine. Please help?




Noob Whisperer
First of all you should probably make sure that Windows 8 Global settings is not configured to use a proxy server (unless of course, for some strange unknown reason that is a conditions of your connection, which I doubt). You'll find that in PC Settings, Network, Proxy. Just slide everything to "Off". See attachment

Then check your individual browser(s) (which ever one you are using or probably all of them) is not using any proxy settings
You can Google proxy settings for individual browsers and just use that information to uncheck / turn off any reference to a proxy server.


Thanks so much I've managed to fix everything


Noob Whisperer
Well that's certainly good news.
What was causing your issue?
It helps others when you share your solutions.

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