No Connection and Unable to Connect Microsoft Account

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Networking' started by GN Jha, Feb 20, 2014.

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    I have a Desktop with Windows 8.1 Enterprise 32-bit.
    I use internet with 3G Dongle/Data Card. Internet Speed is find. Even I can play and download music and video.
    I updated Windows 8.1 using Automatic Update. It was successful.
    AVG Internet Security in installed.
    Even I updated 3G Dongle driver.

    However, I have two issues.
    1. No Connection and
    2. Unable to Connect Microsoft Account.I can access Microsoft Account on Web Browser. Its also working fine.
    I tried by disable of AVG Internet Security Firewall. No service provide for wired internet connection nearby my area so I didn't try it with wired connection.

    Screenshot links:

    Pls help me to fix it.

    GN Jha
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    You say you made a series of updates. At which point did you lose your previously working connection. Automatic driver updating is not to be recommended. If you are unsure of exactly when the problem occurred yo should try uninstalling the updates one by one to see if at some stage the problem is reversed. To update drivers it is generally best to visit the website of the manufacturer and manually identify, download and install the correct driver for your specific hardware and operating system.

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