Insider Preview Windows 10 Home Insider Preview (Acer E 15 Laptop) unable to connect to the internet

Hi there. Since last night my laptop hasn't been unable to access the internet and it's limited access. Here are some notes and things I've done to try and fix this with no avail:
  • Restarted router many times
  • Restarted and shut down computer many times
  • Troubleshoot comes up with there being a problem with the WiFi adapter driver, or Ethernet driver
  • Tried to connect laptop through Ethernet cable with no luck
  • Tried using a different WiFi point
  • Other devices can connect through WiFi (my iPod and this laptop I'm sending this on)
  • Tried turning the wireless button on/off (Fn F3)
It would be of great help for anyone to give suggestions for how to fix my laptop, thank you!


Noob Whisperer
Since last night my laptop hasn't been unable to access the internet and it's limited access
What happened "last night".....
Any updates / upgrades to the Operating System or Software"
Check your WiFi adapter in Device Manager and see if you have an option to "Roll back" the driver.

I left my laptop on and after coming home the computer left me to the home screen, so I believe it must have updated the windows 10 software as I was away. I just checked and there was no option to roll back the device manager. I've updated to build 10130 and I don't know when that happened


Noob Whisperer
Any third party security suites running on the system?
Best to leave it with just Windows Defender and the native Windows Firewall product and uninstall all other at least for now.

I do not have any third party security suites running on the system, just windows firewall and windows defender


Noob Whisperer
Check with Acer and see what they have in the way of the latest driver for your particular computer / wireless adapter and download it.
Use device manager to uninstall the current adapter including the associated drivers if given the option and then install the driver supplied by your computer manufacturer, even if you have to use compatibility mode to get it done.

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