Proxy ( Perhaps even Malware ) Issues


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So,recently run into this extremely annoying problem.Some time after i launch my pc a window "Install Shield" pops up and "disables" my internet.After the pop up all browsers give me " Proxy Server not responding " or such.Apps that need internet to work such as steam just give me connection errors,although it appears as if i am online.

I cant change anything in the Settings-Internet-Proxy because any changes made by me are reset back as soon as i leave that window.

I did disable proxy servers in Firefox making it "immune" to this stuff.

I scanned my PC with HitmanPro,Dr.Web CureIT and Avast Free Antivirus and detected...some random stuff,but it seems that it wasnt the thing causing my issue as deleting it didnt do anything.

How do i disable this proxy thing? Please halp


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Well you'll need to figure out what keeps setting the proxy settings.

One option would be to download and run procmon Process Monitor - Windows Sysinternals and create a filter for the registry path for the proxy settings

Then try changing the settings and watch for some program enabling them.
I would also grab autoruns Autoruns for Windows - Windows Sysinternals and run the Entry > VirusTotal check on any entry that has no publisher or one other than a well known company. I would check items in the Logon, 'Scheduled Tasks', and Services tabs


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Solved by switching the user from my main with admin rights to the default admin one.

For some reason this allowed me to properly change all the stuff i needed.

I'll keep an eye on it for a while in case anything gets changed back

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