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Windows 7 Question: Windows 7 Downgrading

MC Gamer

New Member
Feb 14, 2009
I really need this question answered, not because I am going to downgrade from Windows 7 right now, I just want to be prepared come late July.

My Original OS was Windows Vista w/ SP1.

I downloaded and installed Windows 7 on my laptop using a Upgrade installation because I have no other way of storing all my files.

However, I bought my laptop and it did NOT come with an installation CD. Also, I didn't install 7 on a partition. So all in all, I have no physical form of Windows Vista and come end July I am going to be sitting here wondering how to get back onto Vista.

Will Microsoft be supplying a downgrade on August 1st?
Is there a place I can download the iso for Windows Vista so I can downgrade WITHOUT losing my files?

I just need to have a physical form, or know how I am going to downgrade so my computer doesn't turn into a brick.

Any help would be appreciated.

I am very computer literate, so burning/mounting an iso is something I can do.

I will be subscribing to this thread, so help me ASAP so I can rest peacefully at night.

I forgot to mention, as of now, I DO have a 320GB External Hard Drive.

So if I have to I will backup ALL of my files programs if I have to do a clean Windows Vista installation.

Also, how would I go about backing up all my files. I have seen it saves all of the files in Zip/Rar Files.

HOW would I restore from this back up? Is there a feature which would automatically unzip all the files and install them to their original position?

But again, I would need a place to download a Vista installation.

Any help?

Bump. Any assistance?
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I am also needing help with this. I have a recovery partition but i cannot access it now that i have upgraded to Windows 7. if someone can let me know how to access this recovery partition so i can just put my computer back to like it was when i got it i would be very grateful! i have a Dell XPS M1730 if that makes a difference.