Random system lag at start up!

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    I'm not a intel fan so I know little about the Intel side of things but my son has a Q9300 system he simply uses to watch youtube video's & so forth. Anyways he's been having a few problems. At system start up to desktop everything appears normal visually until you try & do things. The mouse courser would be laggy & skip across the screen. Programs take forever to load & if when you get onto youtube & start to watch a video, the video plays but it sorta stutters every few seconds at the same time the system lags.

    I've checked for fault's but to be honest with you, I have 3 systems with intel CPU's on & they all do the same thing every now & again. It affects everything & it takes a reboot to fix it & it might work fine for the next dozen boot ups & then it happens again.

    I got a cpu-z report in html so you can see the system spec attached. I checked the system recourse & process explorer when this was happening & I had plenty of ram & low HDD & CPU activity as you would expect to see from what was being done on the system.

    Any idea's would be great. x

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